Tough On Fridays – Patches

Tough On Fridays is a three-piece rock band from Texas that started in 2017. It is female-fronted, which is always nice to have in rock music. Their sound reminds me of late 90s alternative rock, but, if you listen to their latest album, A Fantastic Way To Kill Some Time, you will see that some of the tracks got elements of punk rock as well. If you want to read a fantastic review of that album, just head over to friend blog, Eclectic Music Lover, as Jeff wrote about it last month. It is spot on, as usual.

Instead, I will focus here on Patches, my favorite track on the record. I really like the mellow guitar that emphasizes the melancholic vocals. The lyrics, singing about an unrequited love, are honest and relatable. Who hasn’t been in that position at some point in time? In fact, I think authenticity could be Tough On Fridays‘ brand, as they are making the music they like with real lyrics about what they actually feel or think. In the age of the influencers and people pretending to be someone they’re not, it’s refreshing to hear a band who just wants to keep it real.

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