Paris Youth Foundation – Tired Of Loving You

Unfortunately, I was unable to post anything in the past two days but I hope to make it up to you by featuring the latest single from one of the best indie bands out there today: Paris Youth Foundation. Despite what the band’s name might lead you to think, they are actually from Liverpool, UK, and if you are not familiar with their music, you’ve been missing out. Frontman Kevin Potter chose their name just before the release of their debut single in 2016 after a graffiti he saw in the French capital when he was a child. They have never released a full-length album but they have quite a few singles and I’m yet to find one I dislike. They know how to write a good hook and a catchy chorus.

Tired Of Loving You is no exception. A perfect indie rock song that is anthemic and nostalgic at the same time. Potter explains that the tune is about being in a relationship that lasts longer than it should just because people are too scared to admit that it might be over. As is to be expected from a Paris Youth Foundation song, Tired Of Loving You got a really captivating chorus that gets stuck in your head. Do check it out below and enjoy!

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  1. A very good song. And don’t apologize for skipping a day or two of posting. Most of us have lives beyond blogging. As for me, I’ll be taking a badly-needed break once I finish the remaining reviews I’ve already committed to.

    1. Yeah, you are absolutely right. We do have a life beyond blogging and we do what we can. Hope you finish your remaining reviews soon. Cheers!

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