Grand Alpaca – Julia

Artist: Grand Alpaca

Song: Julia

Genres: #indierock #indiefolk

Location: Oslo, Norway

Release date: August, 2021

Comment: Norway is not a country you would normally associate with alpacas, but perhaps Grand Alpaca will change that by himself. Last week, he dropped his debut album, Staying Quiet Is An Easy Young Thing To Do, which includes eight solid tracks ranging from indie folk to Americana. Case in point, Julia, one of its lead singles, got a really engaging chorus that makes you feel like driving through the American midwest. It also encapsulates very well what this Norwegian singer-songwriter is all about. Give him a chance.

Featured on the following mixtapes:

2 Replies to “Grand Alpaca – Julia”

  1. Nice song. He sounds like he could be from Austin, TX or Nashville, rather than Oslo, Norway. I’m amazed by the number of European artists who sing Americana, folk or country music.

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